What is the Audience Valuation Engine (AVE)?

The Audience Valuation Engine (AVE) is a model and analytical engine that places a financial value on the depth and dimension of an organization’s audience. Or more realistically today, their email database.

The Audience Valuation Engine concept was created by Robert Rose. Working with Robert, the team at Madison, Michigan and Market further refined the model to generate insights and planning scenarios. The stated goal is to help organizations build the case and peg a value to an audience-first strategy.

Loyal audiences that coalesce around a topic are an asset to be monetized over time. This has long been the primary business model reserved only for media companies. Today, the revolution in direct communications (e.g. digital and social media channels) enables ALL companies to build and monetize an audience either through deeper loyalty to their existing products/services or an expansion of their business model.

This strategy works best for those organizations that prefer to build relationships over time through an audience-first strategy versus relying on a perpetual series of paid campaigns to acquire customers. While product portfolios evolve, hopefully the depth of the customer (audience) relationship remains constant and improves.

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