How to Analyze LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index – Segment #2

LinkedIn has released the ability of enterprise businesses (100 employees or more) to access their Social Selling Index. It’s a fun tool – we all like to see how we rank among our peers.

In the video, Jeff reviews the Social Selling Index and gives tips on how you can improve your score.

The first metric is your overall score, ranked on a 1-100 scale. Each individual metric is ranked on a 1-25 score. Jeff’s overall score is 89 out of 100. Let’s break down each metric and consider how the scores can be improved.

Metric #1: Create a professional brand.

This is an important gauge of your social equity; buyers are more likely to engage with a strong, professional brand.

Tip for improvement: establish your brand in a durable, sustainable way.

Metric #2: Find the right people.

You need to connect with the right people because buyers are less likely to engage with you if they aren’t your target audience.

Tip for improvement: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great lead generation and research tool.

Metric #3: Engage with insights.

Using insights for creating relevant content engaging with your target audience is essential. Buyers are less likely to engage if the product/service you are offering is not relevant to their company.

Tip for improvement: Share status updates consistently and engage with others using relevant commentary.

Metric #4: Build strong relationships.

LinkedIn is a great way to engage and build strong relationships with your prospective buyers and partners. Using the Social Selling Index will give you insight that can help you fine tune your social engagement and profile, building your social equity. Many decision makers will not respond to cold calling, but are interested in what is being discussed in social networks where they are plugged into.

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index is a cool tool. Social selling is the future of sales. If you would like support or your team needs coaching, please contact me at It’s important that your and your team understand best practices so you can maximize your social selling success!