About Us

At Madison, Michigan and Market, we’re concerned with the creative, financial and analytical decisions required to help local media and niche media creators monetize their content. We’re passionate, data-driven content marketers with a framework to help creators build, execute and value an owned media marketing strategy to drive competitive differentiation and growth.

We also help B2B brand marketers evolve beyond basic lead generation strategies to build loyal audiences.

As B2B Showrunners, we’re passionate about helping you plan, produce, publish, promote, value and monetize your audience and investments over a long time horizon.

If you are a challenger brand seeking tools, techniques and partners that can help you run circles around your competition, and you’re overwhelmed by the Tyranny of Choice [AUDIO] as a content creator, then we’d love to talk.

Want Passion and Accountability?

We have the experience and instincts to help you thrive in this dynamic digital/social environment…and the data to back it up. With our deep expertise in media audience/advertising measurement from 15 years at The Nielsen Company, valuation and financial modeling, and analytics and data visualization, we can help you build the business case for investment in Content Marketing.

From New York City to Chicago – and now Youngstown –  we have the network, experience, hustle and grit to get the job done. We’re proud to have our headquarters in beautiful downtown Youngstown, Ohio.

Belief Statements

We believe that anyone with passion, commitment and a unique point-of-view can build a global audience with their iPhone. We all walk around with a content planning, production, publishing and promotional studio in our hands. Every company and person truly can become a global “media company” with no limitation to reaching their audience.

We believe in the power of Disruptive Video Marketing. The days of the expensive corporate video shoot are numbered. You can make a major impact with your iPhone and a Mac. The social buyer wants authenticity and not polished talking heads.

Last but not least, we help sales leaders understand when to teach and when to sell. We focus on shifting your focus from product pitching to problem solving. We believe that your passion for your product/service is the root of your promotional strategy…not just your products.

Who’s behind Madison, Michigan & Market?

MMM is led by Founder and President, Jeff Leo Herrmann. Jeff has been a quota-carrying marketer for years and he understands the dynamics of the CMO and VP of Sales relationship.

Our Creative Writing leader is Amy Majernik. Amy has 20+ years of experience in storytelling and using text to drive emotional connections and response.

Our Lead Analytics and Data Visualization Consultants is Scott Miller.

Jeff is very active on the speaking circuit and would love to support you at your next event.