What is an Owned Media Marketing Strategy?

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An Owned Media Marketing Strategy takes an audience-first approach to building your business resulting in a loyal and engaged customer base. 

It is a commitment to consistently communicate directly to your prospects and customers via educational, entertaining or insightful episodic content which generates engagement and captures insights, interests and intent at scale. This Content Marketing approach ultimately builds trust and credibility and a direct organizational relationship with your customers (audience) over time.

In defense against the dominance of social media platforms and their ability to disrupt your strategy on the fly, an Owned Media Marketing Strategy provides the company access to valuable first-party data and commercialization models beyond products/services revenue.

According to the book Killing Marketing by our friends Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, there 10 ways that an organization can drive revenues from a loyal audience.

Beyond the marketing intelligence benefits, this Sales Enablement strategy arms sales teams with published content/tools aligned to the buyer’s journey that makes them more effective. A resource-driven approach to prospecting builds trust and credibility and positions the sales team as industry experts and trusted advisors.

An example of an Owned Media Marketing Strategy is our own audience-centric platform SalesQuants. This content platform is dedicated to serving the needs of the audience interested in sales analytics and forecasting.

We lead with resources and strive to share our knowledge and expertise. This approach helps build trust in the marketplace and results in inquires for consulting services.