Revenue Development Strategies for Local & Niche Media Creators 

Through our Content Marketing and Sales Enablement services, we deploy a 5-part creative and analytical framework that starts with a governing strategy and results in productive execution. We’re deeply concerned with the creative, financial, and analytical impact of your strategy.

  1. PLAN: Content Marketing Strategy, Research, and Planning
  2. PRODUCE: Consistent Media/Content Production
  3. PUBLISH: Select the Platforms Aligned to Your Audience
  4. PROMOTE: Activate the Content via Sales, Social, Paid Media and Email
  5. PERFORMANCE: Audience Measurement and Valuation Insights

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Sales Enablement Services Include

Audience Valuation Engine in Collaboration with Robert Rose

The Audience Valuation Engine helps you build the investment case for an audience-first strategy by helping you understand the depth and dimension of your email database.

Why an Audience-First Strategy?

Market conditions require competitive organizations to launch an Owned Media Marketing Strategy. This strategy focuses on the audience (customer) first by producing resource-driven content on a consistent basis. It’s the evolution of “media is marketing” and should be approached with the mindset as if companies have an audience programming strategy and are launching television series.

This “media is marketing” approach positively impacts both inbound and outbound sales and marketing strategies. This content led, resource-driven approach to sales prospecting and market development builds trust and credibility of the organization and positions the sales team as industry experts and trusted advisors.

An Owned Media Marketing Strategy also provides the company access to their own first-party data and commercialization models beyond products/services revenue. Our audience valuation models help the organization determine the value of the strategy and additional monetization opportunities.