044: REACH! The 5 Rs of Social Selling on LinkedIn (1 of 5)

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Driving a social selling adoption strategy? Is LinkedIn the best social network to position yourself as an industry expert and to also map the depths of your opportunity?

Today we review the first of the 5 Rs of Social Selling on LinkedIn. Reach!

We review data that supports you’ll achieve the reach and scale critical for a social selling program by using LinkedIn.

This week we cover REACH! Step #1 of the 5 Rs of Social Selling.

In this episode I cover:

  1. Why the traditional method of telephone marketing and cold-calling just doesn’t work anymore.
  2. Why people still want to use the traditional selling methods even though they aren’t very successful anymore.
  3. Why social selling is the future of marketing and sales.
  4. The best way to scale relationships and revenue.
  5. How to achieve reach.
  6. How to use LinkedIn to map the universe of your opportunities.
  7. How to find the best contacts on LinkedIn.
  8. How to engage on LinkedIn.
  9. Why LinkedIn is the smart choice for in-the-know sales professionals.

What other social networks do you feel help you achieve reach? I’d love to hear from you!