Best of Boggs: LinkedIn InMail Content Strategy and Framework Explained

How to Achieve a 50% Conversion Rate on InMails

Lindsey Boggs has an 11 step system and it works.

She explains her winning InMail content strategy and framework in the 4 minute video extract below. Also, please watch to learn her super-secret hack that will save you time and money. (FYI, you can watch the full 30 minute interview on Social Selling strategies and her love of coffee.)


11 Step InMail Content Strategy and Framework Explained

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1.) Consume lots of coffee, put the phone in airplane mode and jam

2.) Save Accounts in LinkedIn SalesNavigator

Find your target/lead in SalesNavigator and take just 2-3 minutes to review their LinkedIn profile to find something interesting or unique to connect on (e.g. University, hobby….)

3.) Click on “Send InMail” button on target’s profile

(Note: You can also message directly through SalesNavigator)

4.) Craft subject line 

(Note: use a personal subject line like “Go Buckeyes” to get their attention)

5.) Compose body copy with friendly/personal open

Hi Joe

I see you went to OSU. Small world, so did I. Remember Kegs and Eggs at Papa Joe’s?

6.) Use mutual connections to your advantage

I also see that you know Jill and John….

(Important: it’s great to reference mutual connections but make sure not to infer you were actually referred…unless they gave you the approval.)

7.) Go in for the kill

I am going to be in your town next week and would love to connect or network with you while I am there.

(Note: Use the disarming tactic of saying connect/network instead of meeting. A meeting assumes a sales pitch will be made.)

8.) Company overview

My company does the following….

(Note: keep it high level and mysterious so they want to know more.)

9.) Name drop other companies

We also work with….

10.) Close

Let me know if you’re open to connecting in the next few weeks.



11.) Be persistent and follow up

(Note: If you did not get a response, go back to the sent box and resend the note with additional copy to keep the thread live. It’s just like traditional email prospecting.)



Resending from the sent InMail saves you InMail credits. BOOM!


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