Goal Setting for Thought Leadership – Step 1 of 7 – Episode #26

I learned a lot last week.

Most importantly, always GIVE like you’re going to get a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile.

Please give the video above a look (episode #26 of PublishorPerish.FM). It contains a review of my key learnings broken down into 3 segments. I look forward to hearing your comments on your biggest challenges in launching a thought leadership strategy to kick your social selling into the next gear.

  1. Key Learnings Segment: How to be bold and just get started driving a thought leadership agenda. Just remember, it’s the 100th thing you say that will be brilliant. Get comfortable working through the 99 bad ideas. This is a great tip I picked up from the Hack the Entrepreneur and The Showrunner podcasts.
  2. Transformation Segment: Want to kick your Social Selling into the next gear? We focus on how to measure your success and stay productive? Goal setting is step 1 of 7 on the road to transform from a sales leader to a thought leader.
  3. Review Segment: We channel our inner dudes and get some knowledge from the guys over at Art of Charm, episode #447 with Austin Kleon. This podcast provides great inspiration on the art of curation to get started with your thought leadership strategy.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and struggles on driving a thought leadership agenda to kick your social selling into the next gear.

As always, think like a marketer and sell like an animal.