019: Jack Kosakowski on Crushing Content Creation

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Writing or video production? Which one do you leverage for your publishing strategy? We drill into the benefits of sales driving content creation, production and promotion with our good friend Jack Kosakowski.

We debate the role of content production in building trust and credibility and the impact that your marketing team can make in scaling up the production model to drive more conversations.

What about video? In earning trust and building authority, does a video publishing strategy frighten you? Are you concerned with equipment requirements and coming off like a hack?

Do not be concerned. It is easier than you think. Check out this video on 10 Simple Steps to Earn Trust and Build Authority using Video Publishing. We provide insight on the following topics:

  1. Why video publishing
  2. Strategy and focus
  3. What’s the best equipment
  4. 10-step production process

Please let us know which content production method you prefer?