023: Persona Hacking: An Inbound Approach to Prospecting

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What’s the most effective method to attract the right prospects and repel the wrong ones?

Haley Hite joins us on episode 23 to discuss persona hacking and taking an inbound approach to more effective prospecting.

It’s proven that inbound leads close faster and at a higher win rate. Why? The marketing team leverages content developed for specific personas mapped to the stages of the buyers’ journey with the stated goal of developing deep relationships.

This content marketing strategy is set up to resonate with the right person at the right time, all towards driving positive commercial outcomes.

Prospectors take note. You no longer have to fly blind with only firmo-graphic data and hope to get a response. You can leverage an inbound approach to prospecting geared with language and content assets that truly attract the best prospects.

I’d love your feedback. Please email me at Jeff@PublishorPerish.FM with your persona hacks.