038: Preparing for the Future of Video Communications with Gatorade?

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Have you ever struggled to finish what you started? Was the level of preparation a factor in this struggle? We’ve all been in that situation. Not to worry though, as we’re in this together.

The question is, how do we move forward and prepare right now for the inevitable future?

Today in episode 38 we tell a story about youth baseball, hydration and the future of video communications. Yes, it sounds random but we make it work.

As discussed in prior episodes, the social media platforms are all making big bets on video, and in my opinion text-based email will cease to exist in 18 months.

What are we doing today to get familiar and proficient with video communications? In the true spirit of community I’ve issued a challenge using Twitter to give you a reason to get started today.

We share instructions on how to video tweet, with Twitter, and I hope to hear from you.