004: Why Over What When Connecting Through Content [Step 4 of 7]

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This is Episode 29 from our YouTube channel. The topic this week is on How to Get the Attention You Deserve When Connecting.

We talk about how to apply social selling strategies to YouTube marketing, including how to break through with socially active prospects.

I also did a podcast this last week on Rainmaker’s The Missing Link. We talked about the Social Selling Index and social selling in general.

This is Week 4 of 7 in our “7 Hacks to Transform from a Sales Leader to a Thought Leader” series. Step 4 of 7 is about how to “Develop a Core Content Asset.” Use your channels cautiously. While blogging is meaningful (think SEO!), there is more to content marketing than a blog. Focus on one asset type such as video and talk about things related to your product or service (Robert Rose.) Get started with one channel and drive that channel by re-purposing and extending content.

This week I am recommending a podcast by Michael Steltzner on Social Media Examiner. The podcast is titled “8 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results.” The episode focuses on ways to build community on YouTube.