How to Ruthlessly Protect Your Time and Stay Highly Productive – Step 2 of 7 – Episode #27

We break it down in episode #27 where we drill into the following topics:

  • One way to save yourself from tedious internal meetings (00:53)
  • How to pour more gas on the social selling fire (adoption tips at 02:45)
  • How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to drive current account expansion (04:44)
  • How I popped my Social Selling Index (SSI) to a 95 (07:09)
  • Step 2 of 7 in our transformation from sales leader to thought leader (08:07)
  • How a mission statement helps you stay focused and productive (08:44)
  • Focus on your North Star and not just obsessing over social media platforms as heard on The Showrunner (13:57)
  • How and why to be bold and hit the publish button (16:04)

Segment #1 Key Learnings. The first key learning is to have a strategy and goals. Secondly, try holding meetings at 7am. People will be alert and the agenda will be tight and productive. Thirdly, consider posting directly to LinkedIn Pulse. And finally, take the time to learn tips for increasing your LinkedIn Social Selling Index.

Segment #2 Transformation. Last week (Episode 26) we discussed Step #1 Set Goals. This week (Episode 27) we discuss Step #2 Document Your Content Strategy. Create a mission statement (Learn more from my friend Jonny Nastor)

Stay ruthlessly protective of your time. Strategy will help you stay in control of your time; focus on your strategy and mission. As taught by John Lee Dumas, use an avatar or personas to help you frame your mission. Focus on the outcomes your customers will receive from your products and/or services (for more info on this, visit Brian Clark’s Unemployable.)

Segment #3 Recommendations. Jeff recommends the Showrunner Podcast on how to develop a show on any platform. Pick a platform and work it but don’t get wound up on the numbers. Just get started – push the publish button. Check out Gimlet Media (Alex Bloomberg, formerly of This American Life on NPR).

Always give like you’re going to get a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile

Add value – share your expertise and help others

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Remember to think like a marketer and sell like an animal!