Salesforce Blogger and Content Producer (Remote)

Are you passionate about Salesforce, sales process design and sales analytics? And, you’re looking for visibility, a way to express yourself, and want to build a professional platform that illustrates your expertise in Salesforce…then please keep reading.

We’re looking for a content contributor (blogger) for our SalesQuants media company.

This is a unique opportunity that starts with a focus on generating educational content about Salesforce and its many services, that could lead to a Publisher, General Manager or Ownership position for the SalesQuants media company platform.

Here’s the deal. We have a diamond in the rough that needs some TLC. The SalesQuants platform is a 4-year old blog that does quite well in organic (Google) rankings as it pertains to Salesforce “how to” terms. For example, please Google “salesforce lead sources” and you’ll find SalesQuants on the first page right below salesforce itself.

In an effort to scale the platform and build a bigger audience in the Salesforce community, we’re looking for the right person to supercharge the platform with awesome educational content. In this role, you’ll have full responsibility for and oversight of the SQ platform and the related social media accounts.

Skills and Requirements

  • Highly Independent and Loves Autonomy
  • Strong Initiative
  • Process Driven
  • Salesforce Certified (or soon to be)
  • Strong WordPress CMS Skills
  • Good with Images
  • Clear and Concise Writer
  • Social Media Activation (LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • BONUS: very light video editing

This sounds cheesy, but the sky is the limit. Once you build the audience, many great things can happen from there.

We’re very open to ideas, suggestions or concepts not contemplated in the details listed above.

This is a contract role that is also location agnostic. I don’t care if you’re across the globe….we just want the right entrepreneur that has a passion for helping the Salesforce community.

Please CONTACT ME to learn more.

Thank you!