Analyzing the Drivers of the Social Selling Index (SSI) – Segment #24

As sales leaders, mostly everything we do is quantified. Call and email volume, meetings set, opportunities open, proposals shipped, deals won/lost… and now we can quantify the effectiveness of our relationships and our commitment to adding value to our network.

In our socially connected economy, easy access to information makes transparency the norm and authenticity critical at every level. The new form of currency in this economy is the depth of your relationships and your commitment to contributing to your network.

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI) is not to be used as just another vanity metric. The SSI is a proxy for your effectiveness at doing what really matters in this connections economy – building value and solving problem within your network by contributing great content and facilitating meaningful connections.

In this video segment you will learn:

  • The 4 main categories in the Social Selling Index
  • How the SSI integrates with the new user interface in LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator
  • The main attributes of the SSI
  • What really matters within each main category with the SSI
  • Why you need to establish your professional brand
  • How to find the right people to connect with
  • What my friend Lindsey Boggs has discovered about LinkedIn’s InMail
  • The secret to leveraging LinkedIn, according to expert Jill Rowley

The video provides deeper context and insights.

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And, as always, think like a marketer and sell like an animal.