WHY Over WHAT When Connecting Through Content [Step 4 of 7] – Episode #29

The focus of this week’s video post is on How to Get the Attention You Deserve When Connecting.

  1. Learnings. This week I learned a lot about how to apply social selling strategies to YouTube marketing, including how to break through with socially active prospects. The sales volume game is over; the days of slamming emails and phone calls at prospective customers is no longer. Take the time to write thoughtful comments on social channels and that will go a long way toward building trust. Warm prospects up with social interaction.  I also did a podcast this last week on Rainmaker’s The Missing Link. We talked about the Social Selling Index and social selling in general. We covered topics such as how to listen and learn with relevance, how social selling can accomplish selling without hammering people with cold emails and cold calls, and why you can’t publish enough content. In summary, the goal is to share your knowledge, establish your credibility and build connections through social selling. The podcast will publish next week so we will provide links after Wednesday.
  2. Transformation. This is Week 4 of 7 in our “7 Hacks to Transform from a Sales Leader to a Thought Leader” series. Step 4 of 7 is about how to “Develop a Core Content Asset.” Use your channels cautiously. While blogging is meaningful (think SEO!), there is more to content marketing than a blog. Back in Episode 3 we talked about why salespeople should NOT blog! Blogging is an incredible time suck. A much better way for sales leaders to scale their charisma is to use audio to expand your reach and help you stand out. We are professional marketing-minded salespeople who take pride in our craft and the knowledge we have to offer. Make sure you elevate the sales profession by sharing helpful, relevant content. How to make it happen? Shoot a video and embed it in a platform and have someone transcribe it for you. Focus on one asset type such as video and talk about things related to your product or service (Robert Rose.) Get started with one channel and drive that channel by re-purposing and extending content.
  3. Recommendation. This week I am recommending a podcast by Michael Steltzner on Social Media Examiner. The podcast, titled “8 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results” aired on July 27, 2015. The episode focuses on ways to build community on YouTube. Here are some tips I learned. No one wants to see “acting” so be natural; people want to watch real people with real thoughts that have real expertise. When it comes to your editorial theme, WHY matters more than WHAT, meaning your belief system is more important than your knowledge. For example, here at PublishorPerish.FM our belief system is that we really want to help sales leaders transform into thought leaders. When it comes to your belief system, don’t be afraid to choose a topic that alienates some people because in order to build community you need to have detractors in order to break through and gain supporters.