Consistency, Authenticity and the Secret to Success (Step 5 of 7) – Episode #30

It’s 2016 budgeting time, have you submitted your budget requests with your prospects and customers?

Highlights of Episode 30
Mixing up the sales stack and looking at OneMob (1:30)
John Kaplan books the meeting (3:45)
Best practices for prospecting emails – what not to do (4:43)
The challenges of the prospecting volume game (9:21)
Elevating the sales profession (11:41)
Be wildly consistent and make an appointment with your audience (12:15)
The key to success and missing you when you’re gone (14:00)
Musical break: Andrew Gold in my head (17:04)
I’m afraid of Manfred Man (17:48)
Social Selling breakdown (18:15)
Unabashed love for Rainmaker.FM podcasts (20:06)

Hard work and hustle are the secrets of success.

  1. Key Learnings. Now is the time to get your space in your customer’s budget because this is a prime time for them to be doing their planning. My own Content, Search and Social team met this week; we are focusing on activation and social tools. I also share some what NOT to do’s when pitching to businesses using email marketing. Takeaway – we have to get away from using predictable sales messaging and find ways to be relevant to the prospective customer.
  2. Transformation. This week we are on Step 5 of 7 in the “7 Steps to Transform from a Sales Leader to a Thought Leader series. This week we focus on how to elevate the sales profession through consistency. I explain how to “make an appointment with your audience.” I refer to Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute, and who teach us how to know if we’re making an impact with our target audience(s.)
  3. Recommendations. This week I’m sharing Rainmaker.FM’s Missing Link podcast that was published last week where I was privileged to have the opportunity to be interviewed. During the interview with We discuss how to leverage LinkedIn for social selling, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index and how Google destroyed the sales profession. In the future I will be deconstructing the interview process (i.e. how to prepare, what to be aware of, mistakes to avoid and more) so watch for that discussion in the future. You can listen to the interview here: Crushing Sales on LinkedIn with the Social Selling Index.

As always, remember to

Always Give Like You’re Going to Get a Recommendation in LinkedIn


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