Social Selling Workshops

Social Selling Strategy Workshop:

Marketing’s Impact on Driving Effective Social Selling Programs

As commercial leaders, our goal is to support (audience) relationship development resulting in scalable revenue growth models. Listed below is the outline of the 3 phases of our Social Selling Workshop series that results in a documented, systematic process to target, engage, convert and retain clients.

Together we’ll achieve the elevation of the sales profession by supporting the team as they embrace the role of teacher/curator and engage with prospects/clients in a highly respectful and relevant way.

Module 1: Building the Foundation of Sales and Marketing Alignment

  1. Business Strategy and Marketing Strategy Alignment
  2. Identify and Develop the Ideal Client Profile
    1. Persona
    2. Buyers’ Journey
  3. Content Marketing Mission Statement
  4. Marketing Initiatives and Themes
  5. Inventory and Classify Content Assets
  6. Top 10 Reasons Content Marketing Drives Sales Productivity

Module 2: Social Selling 101

  1. Why Social Selling: The 5Rs of Social Selling
  2. Position Yourself for Success (platforms and profiles)
  3. Tool Selection and Deployment
    1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs. Premium
    2. Twitter Lists
    3. Other considerations
  4. Targeting and List Building Strategy
  5. CRM Integration and Campaign Management
  6. Content Assets, Messaging Strategy and Cadence
  7. Beyond Transactional Engagement Methods
  8. Conversion Strategies
  9. Relationship Sustainability
  10. Office hours to support adoption and progress

Module 3: Advanced Social Selling Methods to Build Authority

  1. Journey up the Social Selling Maturity Curve
    1. Observer
    2. Participant
    3. Curator
    4. Creator
  2. 7-steps to Transform from Sales Leader to Thought Leader
  3. Publishing Strategies 101
  4. Video Publishing Strategies 201
  5. The ROI of Social Selling