Focus on Impact Over Title – Segment #9

Welcome to today’s 2 minute tip from PublishorPerish.FM for marketing-minded sales leaders and sales-minded marketing leaders where we focus on two things – productivity and making an impact.

Back in Segment 6 we focused on how to get published as an industry expert by using video to build trust and credibility. So that’s great. Once we shoot the video we can upload it to YouTube. You still need a destination to represent you and all of your great professional experience and expertise. And, of course, that’s LinkedIn. That’s the most common place to build out your profile. So there are dozens, if not hundreds of resources on how to build out your LinkedIn profile. I’m just going to point out there’s really one very critical field and that’s the headline! Have an awesome headline.

So, a question for you, is your job title in your headline? If so, why? Do you think that’s effective?

To build trust and credibility with your prospects, your headline really should focus on the value you’ve created, how you’ve helped, what you’re passionate about, and maybe less about your organizational pay grade. As you connect with your prospects and customers, and they review your profile, you really want to stand out and be creative – and be compelling. A job title in a headline is fine, and it might even represent some sort of authority. But your customers want to roll with someone they feel is going to make a positive impact and deliver results for them; in short, you need to make an impact over title.

So that’s just food for thought on the headline. But be creative – don’t be afraid.

Two more quick things…

1. If you are new in your career and you feel that your experience is limited professionally, don’t be afraid to rearrange your profile. Pop your skills, pop your certifications up to the top, maybe emphasize your education. You can rearrange these LinkedIn elements on your profile. Even if you have a shorter tenure, emphasize the areas you’ve really taken to go deep.

2. Use the summary to state something unique about yourself. Don’t be afraid to be bold.

Here’s an example.

There was a sales rep that was calling me that had written all about her parents divorce in a post in LinkedIn that she had published, and a pretty compelling story in the summary. And that was kind of shocking because I was like “Wow, she really put it out there. She’s not afraid to talk about how her parent’s divorce has made her a better salesperson because of the degree of empathy she had to develop through that situation.”

This woman’s name stuck in my head and every time she called I would pick up the phone and was ready to talk, just because I thought she was a brave individual; I have lots of respect for her. She broke through the dozens of people who call me on a regular basis.

So, hope that helped. Productivity and Impact Tip # 9 complete.

I want you to go out there and think like a marketer but sell like an animal.

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