028: How to Remove Slack Using Salesforce Chatter

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A 50% decrease in email volume and far fewer meetings? Interested?

Today Jon and I discuss the 5 ways to increase productivity and drive collaboration by leveraging Salesforce Chatter. We’ve seen significant improvements in communication and collaboration. We also have a greater focus on shared business objectives by leaning into the Salesforce Chatter enterprise social network.

5 Ways to Leverage Salesforce Chatter

  1. Form groups to drive collaboration by team, afinity, social interests
  2. Knowledge sharing of content, files, links, video
  3. Use the left rail to support a single version of the truth
  4. Express appreciationĀ and gratitude with badges
  5. Security via Salesforce — no more “reply all” mistakes

Please let us know if you want tips or screen shots of how we use Chatter. We even built a dashboard to support adoption.

Please email me at Jeff@PublishorPerish.FM for more details.