048: RECOGNITION! The 5 Rs of Social Selling on LinkedIn (3 of 5)

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This episode is dedicated to my Dad, Leo Herrmann.

Hungry to take your social selling to the next level? Are you using LinkedIn as a published record of your knowledge and expertise? Today we drill into the third of five Rs of social selling – recognition.

We all have a great opportunity to prove we’re not just superficial sales people but true teachers and problem solvers.

In this episode I cover:

  1. How to use LinkedIn as a published record of your
  • knowledge,
  • expertise,
  • credibility, and
  • authority.
  1. How to build recognition using LinkedIn
  • how to set up your profile
  • key features to pay attention to
  • how to optimize headlines
  • how to use the summary section to best highlight your unique position
  • what to write in the job description
  • where to position job recommendations
  • how to use your LinkedIn profile as a published, public record of your accomplishments

3. Introduction on how to drive a response using LinkedIn

  • How to set yourself up for success as a content publisher on LinkedIn
  • What are the 3 elements of a successful response model?
  • The importance of great, value-adding, problem-solving content

How have you set up your LinkedIn profile for success? I’d love to hear from you!