057: Inside the Mind of a Sales Analytics Ninja | the salesquants

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Sales organizations are commonly run by gut intuition. These days due to demanding VCs, angel investors and Wall Street, the stakes are much higher. Companies and sales organizations must operate with an analytics edge and a high degree of precision.

Today we hear from our friend Scott Miller who’s lived at the intersection of finance and sales analytics for the bulk of his career. We learn how Scott justified and built the sales analytics function to power deeper business insights. Becoming a data-driven team not only requires hiring the analytics skills, but also a significant cultural change for the sales organization.

Predicting the future is no longer a mystical art, you can do it with hard analytical science. An effective sales analytics function kills the happy forecasting problem and produces highly accurate results.

And please make sure you stay tuned to hear the most simple yet effective sales productivity chart ever produced to support your team’s performance evaluations.

On a side note, we recently re-branded the podcast to “the salesquants.” Our focus is still on leveraging the power of content, technology and data, but we’re doing it with an analytical edge. The prior podcast sounded a tad too much like a personal development show…and we’re still working on our own development.