058: Shorten Your SaaS Sales Cycle with the Business Case Approach to Quantify Success

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Anxious to learn how to shorten your SaaS sales cycle by quantifying success with an enterprise business case approach to sales?

Yes? Then you’ll get a lot of value from this interview with Mark J. Goad of SAP.io, which is SAP’s corporate accelerator team.

We learn Mark’s 3-step approach to building a bullet proof business case and how he’s taken his enterprise sales experience and applied it to shortening the sales cycle for SaaS start-ups and SMBs.

The big surprise in this interview is even though the data can establish the value of a rock solid business case, there is an important ingredient that should not be overlooked.

Please let us know how you’ve applied a business case approach to shortening your sales cycle. What success have you seen? We’d love to know and we’ll share it with the salesquants community.