061: What is Account Based Marketing and How it Drives High Quality Sales Engagement

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Are you curious to know what is Account Based Marketing (ABM) and how it drives high quality sales prospecting engagement?

Joining us today is Charlie Liang, the Director of Marketing from Engagio. Charlie is not only a fun and entertaining guest, he also gives us great insight into ABM’s impact on driving a quality over quantity sales engagement model.

At first I thought ABM was just a basic repackaging of the old sales and marketing alignment argument, but I quickly realized that embracing an ABM sales and marketing methodology focuses your efforts and holds the sales team highly accountable for high quality engagement with ideal clients.

We discuss how to get started, the role of content marketing, and how to make sure the team is running an effective and impactful program.

Please be sure to visit Charlie at Engagio send us your feedback at Jeff.Herrmann@MadisonToMarket.com.