003: Glory Stories and Wrecking Your Audience: How to Stick to an Editorial Theme [Step 3 of 7]

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This week we are focusing on CONSISTENCY and how to stick to an editorial theme.

This week I held my first BLAB (Blab.im) called Social Selling Set Up for SDR’s. The focus was on how to improve your LinkedIn profile and break through to audiences.

We are on Step 3 of 7 in our “7 Steps to Transform from a Sales Leader to a Thought Leader” series. This week we are focusing on consistency. The more focused and consistent you are, the better your content will translate into higher lead scores. Your goal is to publish and build a platform. Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute, reminds us to pick a theme related to your product or services and stick to it. In doing so, you will command authority.

This week I review Podcast #103 of PNR (Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose) “This Old Marketing” by the Content Marketing Institute. The title of the podcast is “Consistent Content is Key…and Most Brands Can’t…” This was a great podcast on the importance of consistency. The three keys to consistency are 1.) Showing up, 2.) Be consistent, and 3.) Learn more by doing. It is only in the doing and consistently delivering that you will grow and learn. The key takeaway is to learn more by doing more.

What are your ideas about consistency and sticking to an editorial theme? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.