Sales Forecasting Made Simple | Small Changes Make Big Impacts [WEBINAR]

In rolled the rain storm and up popped the umbrella. Fortunately, Phil checked the weather forecast that afternoon.

A small amount of planning and preparation saved Phil a bunch of (rain soaked) aggravation

What about Phil’s business? Do you think he checks the sales forecast on a regular basis….looking for blue skies or dark storms ahead?

What about you? When you’re about to hire another new production employee, do you boldly move forward and hope it works or do you run a final check of the sales forecast to mitigate your risks?

We know you have your thumb on the pulse of the business, but are you operating purely on gut instinct alone or do you have complete analytical certainty? While operating on instincts are so important, wouldn’t it be nice to lean on data to lessen the guesswork?

While you might have a great CRM tool, you really don’t need it for this exercise. Simply firing up an excel spreadsheet will do the trick. If you want a sales forecasting method that’s simple and reliable, then you should check out the webinar below.

We review the small changes you can make in your sales process to drive big changes in your revenue.

In this webinar we covered the following:

  • Why sales forecasting is important
  • How to manage performance and predict success
  • How to set up a sales culture based upon process, rhythm and reporting
  • Which sales figures and calculations are most important
  • How to build trust and confidence with your owners and investors
  • How to impress your boss, colleagues and (nerdy) friends

Together we’ll turn your instincts and data into actionable insights to help you achieve the success you deserve.

Please CONTACT ME if you would like a copy of the sales forecasting Excel model.