Is Social Selling a Waste of Time? Step 7 of 7 – Episode #33

Jeffrey (not me) needs a Social Selling Sales Manager. He can’t do it until he gets promoted. What?

We break down a month long email prospecting campaign that could convert if only there was a little social selling happening. Is social selling a waste of time?  We do the math on email prospecting vs. social selling. Let’s coach Jeffrey on creating value.

Ping-pong prospecting and no social love (2:20)
Social selling is too casual, is volume better? (4:45)
Doing the email conversion math (6:12)
Preview: The 5 Rs of Social Selling (8:00)
Measurement: Step 7 of 7 in the Transformation Segment (9:20)
Holding things constant to see what’s working (10:20)
Blame it on the Alcohol – Jamie Foxx (13:48)
Writing without BS”  Josh Bernoff on effective communication (14:46)