What is the Definition of Owned Media Audience Measurement for B2B Brands?

Would you like to quantify the size, composition and value of your organization’s owned media audience? We’re working to expand the definition and scope of audience measurement services specifically for B2B marketers.

The Backstory

In today’s social media obsessed and information-soaked environment, having direct access to an audience is far more effective than renting the attention of an audience.

Consistent access to an audience can be achieved by having prospects and customers subscribe to your owned media platform. We can no longer rely upon free access to connections, fans or followers built on social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

You know that building an owned media marketing platform takes commitment, investment, and a vote of confidence from the C-suite. To that end, marketers need measurement and valuation of the impact and effectiveness of their audience-first Content Marketing strategy. We can now put a financial value on the depth and dimension of each person in the owned media audience. We’ve all heard this before, but what gets measured gets managed.

The Definition of Owned Media Audience Measurement

According to wikipedia, the definition of audience measurement is only focused on supporting the advertising business model and is available from companies like Nielsen. However, many other business models are possible when driving an audience-first owned media content marketing strategy. Including advertising, there are 10 ways that an organization can drive revenues from a loyal audience.

It’s time to expand the definition of audience measurement beyond the advertising business model. Owned media needs its own form of audience measurement and valuation that takes into consideration the variety business models possible that can drive an organization’s growth.

Here is the definition of Owned Media Audience Measurement:

Owned Media Audience Measurement measures the size, composition, and value of a company or brand’s owned media audience. The owned media audience is typically comprised of direct opt-in subscribers to the brand’s content delivered via an owned media platform. The owned media platform is any platform that’s under a companies’ direct control. Examples include the company blog, an email newsletter, or even a print magazine. These subscribers have agreed to give the company access to them (usually via an email address) in return for receiving helpful, educational or entertaining content delivered on a consistent basis (aka Content Marketing.)

Measures of the owned media audience include, but are not limited to, nearness to the organization’s Ideal Client Profile, depth of firmographic or behavioral information made available, and level of engagement/activity with the content across the owned media platform. How the email record was acquired, and also measures of growth and churn rates are critical inputs to the measurement and valuation model.

If you’re interested in understanding the size, composition and value of your owned media audience, we’d be glad to share the approach we use with our Audience Valuation Engine.

The AVE methodology helps you understand the depth and dimension of each member of your audience. It can also be used to model out investment and content marketing strategy scenarios to help you attract and retain the right audience.

For more information on the AVE or to contribute your perspective on the definition of owned media audience measurement, please CONTACT ME.

I look forward to hearing your perspective.