062: Clever Content Targeted to a Small Audience Yields Big Results

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Today we review the most clever and effective sales prospecting email ever sent… at least in my opinion.

The theme continues, those that “grip and rip” and play the volume sales game will continue to lose traction, while individuals that focus on more clever and highly targeted sales prospecting campaigns drive engagement and results.

Herein lies the benefit of Account Based Marketing. Pick your target, develop unique and compelling content just for them, and deploy your outreach across the platforms where the user lives.

Harry Hayward (you may remember him from episode 30) from Curata joins us to share the evolution of his career from Sales AE to Social Media Marketer. Content is such an important factor in bridging the gap between customers and company — and also sales and marketing.

Please let us know what you think. What’s the most effective sales prospecting email you’ve ever received?

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